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Posted on: October 14, 2008 4:28 pm

Shortest Home Run in The Majors

I'll never forget this one because it was my introduction to the great Hal Lebovitz.  You see, Hal Lebovitz was a writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer and had a column entitled "Ask Hal".  I was a kid at the time when a friend of mine asked to see the newspaper.  He started reading Hal's column and laughed.  He said "I've got one for you, what was the shortest home run ever hit in the majors?"  Well, at the time, I thought the newspaper was was just something to wrap the garbage in, so I never heard of "Ask Hal".  But being a baseball lover, I thought about the distances of the outfields and how some inside-the-park homers had been hit, so I guessed ......  one hundred feet.  My friend laughed and said..... TWO FEET..!!   Believe it or not TWO FEET. 

That was my introduction to "Ask Hal".  A simple reponse in his column started my lifetime of searching for his column every day in the paper.  It all goes back to that warm sunny afternoon after school with a bunch of guys getting together after a grade school baseball practice. 

As for the article in the column..... seems Andy Oiler, the batter, crushed his homer all of two feet into the MUD in front of home plate.  Nobody could find the ball time Andy rounded the bases and scored.  Hal provided me with an lifetime of wisdom and humor relatd to sports. 


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