Posted on: March 26, 2008 12:26 pm

Season Opener ....??????

Am I the only one around who thinks having a season opener over in Japan is counter to the American Tradition of Baseball..?? In fact, I consider having this "silly" opener in Japan as a slap to the most important of all American Traditions . . . . . having the first opening pitch being thrown in the contest between Cincinnati and their opponent. For those of you who aren't baseball history buffs.....The Cincinnati Reds were the first "all" professional team in baseball; and therefore, it has been a tradition to have the Cincinnati game always start 5 minutes before any other game. This way we always have the first pitch of the season thrown during the Cincinnati contest. Its a tribute to the first team in baseball. hmmmmm....... I wonder if I'm the only one who thinks that's an insult..??

As for this silly opener in Japan, I hear the baseball world is trying to expand it's world wide market. My opinion is ....... all Selig wants to do is exploit baseball in Japan for all the money he can get. Who knows, maybe they're selling HGH cheaper over there. I, for one, would like to see the balance sheet for this opener concept in Japan...and how they rationalize this. Heck, if they wanted world wide exposure, they could put a team in Toronto....Oh.! I guess that was already tried..... not such a hot idea as its turned-out. .....*&$#!*$#$#!!

Don't get me wrong... I love baseball. The one thing I can't seem to resist is baseball hats... baseball hats for baseball, for college, for golf ......although I'm starting to curb my appetite a little. I'm now down to just a few professional hats [ Wahoo, Mets, Detroit, Yankees, White Sox, Cubs] then there's the college hats [Xavier University, Kent State, Ohio State (the Woody Hayes "O"), Mercyhurst, Kalamazoo (yep, I got the hornet), Michigan (yep, maize/blue - I don't think Woody would mind)..... not to forget the golf hats [Snake Eyes, Titleist , Callaway, Srixon,TaylorMade]. Whew..!! Looking at all that, I think its time to clean house and rid myself of some of those.

Ooops . . . Sorry, I got off the subject, but then again, I guess I can do that here ..... because these are just random thoughts that I can come back to some time in the future and expand on them. Geez... I wonder if anyone else has a problem of having too many hats..?? Oh, well.... another day, another hat..

Till next time . . . Stay Well, and See You Somewhere, I Hope. . .
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