Posted on: October 8, 2008 12:53 pm
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NFL Coaching

WOW . . . . .   I've read many, many posts on these boards where posters clearly state that the next move their organization should make should be to replace the bum who's currently the coach's favorite or fire the coach because of time management or the method the coach chooses to to put points on the board.  Talk about unhappy fans  . .  whew ....  we have 'em here, don't we.??  Maybe in these trying economic times, posting their thoughts on these boards is a way of stress relief, I don't know, but I'll say this much for them, they certainly think they know everything.  It's like anything else, if I were good at it, I'd be doing it.   BUT, I'm not good at it so I don't coach.

Coaching is a very high-pressured job.  Whether the pressur to win is coming from the home-town fans, or whether it's self-induced by the coach doesn't lessen the effect.  I don't think there's one coach out there who doesn't want his team to win.  Every coach worth his weight in twinkies has spent years developing his coaching style and philosophy.  I'll bet every coach spends twice as much time doing his job, as what the normal fan does in theirs.

Too many home-town fans are overly concerned about their favorite quarterback or wide-receiver who isn't playing; or they think the play calling stinks.  Why do these fans think they have the right to single-out the coach and mandate that their favorite QB or receiver be playing??  How much experience does it take for a fan to become such an EXPERT in talent evaluation??  The following are a dew simple remiders about their EXPERT fan experience::

  • The NFL is the best of the best
  • The best players play
  • Hard work and discipline have their unseen rewards
  • Players who don't start are still very important
  • Coaches are certainly more knowledgeable than the fans in determining who plays
  • Unless you have actually spent your life studying the game and not just watching it on TV; don't assume you know more than the coach

Every week the coaches put themselves out there in plain sight for the viewing public to see.  Just because fans watch every week, doesn't make them an expert.  I wonder how many of these critical fans would apprciate having a football coach observe them at work; then publicly post personal criticizing remarks.   I know I wouldn't.


Till next time  . . .  Stay Well, and See You Somewhere, I Hope  . . .


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