Posted on: October 27, 2008 11:54 am
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Team Rudder-ship ??

I recently viewed an entry in the BLAWG POUND by BrownsCamp2011 where he wrote “This week's Kellen Winslow fiasco made me long for the days when we had #82 at tight end.  Ozzie Newsome was the epitome of an NFL Hall of Famer.”   This made me think a bit which resulted in today’s Blog entry [ sometimes a person just can’t remain silent ]. 


Ozzie Newsome was the greatest tight end I’ve ever seen; and I remember when Ozzie almost had equal numbers to wide receiver Steve Largent [ when Steve retired he held all major NFL receiving records ].  Ozzie was a master athlete on the field  and  quiet off the field. Thinking of Ozzie also conjured-up thoughts of other memorable players; such as, the great Otto Graham, Don Strock, Brian Sipe, Bernie Kosar, Eddie Johnson, Leroy Kelly, Frank Minnifield, Hanford Dixon, Clay Mathews, and the greatest of all….. Jim Brown [ just to name a few ].   Not one of these players danced or pointed or head-butted anyone.  They all did their job quietly and Jim Brown did his job better than anyone ever.  These players all had one thing in common, they were LEADERS both ON the field and OFF.


Leaders help guide teams over the rough spots throughout the seasons.  Leaders are easily identified in sports here in Cleveland.  Take for instance the CAVs . . .  who does the media always search for when it comes time for comments on the game or team direction . . . . .?? …..Times-up..!!   They look to LeBron James that’s who, because he’s a leader.  Fresh out of high school he had more leadership qualities than any CAVs veteran.   That was almost too easy so let's move onward.  The INDIANS have had a variety of leaders from the Jim Thome days [ Geez . . . he was always being interviewed ] to Grady Sizemore of today.  This brings me around to the Browns.  Who is the leader of the BROWNS.??  For the life of me I can’t identify anyone as being the leader; it certainly isn’t Derek Anderson.  If there was a leader, we wouldn’t have the Winslow Fiasco that we have today.  Winslow and Edwards two of a kind; being extremely gifted athletes, but are a pin in the butt for everything else.  Both are headstrong players, but they only see their world as if it was centered on them.  This is NOT a leadership quality. 


Could the true leader be sitting the bench?  I know the leader isn’t playing right now; and the BROWNS definitely need a LEADER right now.  Who will step-up..?? 

Till next time . . . Stay Well, and See You Somewhere, I Hope. . .





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