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Posted on: March 28, 2008 12:34 pm

When Is Enough . . . Enough..??

March 28 = =

When is Enough actually .... enough..??  I've been asked that question many times and I've asked that same question many times myself.  Some of my best conversations are internal struggles that we all have.  If I " Lift - Clean - and Cheat " will anyone really know?  If I don't  "Lift - Clean - and Cheat " will I be doing what everyone else is doing?  Is it right?  Is it wrong?  These are all internal conversations that we deal with on a daily basis.....some conversations more serious than others.... like,  "should I take that extra piece of pie?"   " Oh, go ahead, no one's looking".  Internal conversation..... we all have them  . . . . right..??

How about   "When is enough actually, enough?"    I've truly been asking myself that question recently with regards to golf..... Specifically, Tiger Woods.  Currently, there are thirteen discussion threads boldly advertising Tiger Woods in their titles.  That's 13  out of 50 discussion threads.   That's 26% of the first-50 threads.   I don't even wish to research how many more of these first-50 threads have discussions where Tiger is mentioned, alluded to, praised, or abused.   I can guess that the percentage is a lot higher than we even imagine.  He's a great putter  - he's a terrible putter  - he's the greatest since___________ [ you can fill in the blank ]  -  he'll win the masters  -  he'll lose the masters  -  his #1 ranking is in jeopardy  -  he breaks necks  -  he swears - he breathes  -  he doesn't like fish because he avoids water hazards  - he's the greatest thing since sliced bread   ..   ..   ..   ..   the subjects / comments just go on-and-on..!!

Don't get me wrong; I've been quoted as saying that "I finally had to admit that Jack Nicklaus was better than my idol, Arnie Palmer; and I think Tiger Woods is even better than Jack Nicklaus."  .... or something very close to that.  The specifics of my entry is something I can't locate right now, but you get the point.   The point is,  Yes, I did admit Tiger's greatness; but there comes a time in everyone's life when they're finally going to reach that point and say, When Is Enough . . . Enough..??  

For me . . . I've finally reached that point.  Enough is enough..!!    Everyone has a different tolerance for different situations.  I've reached my tolerance on the Tiger Woods topic for discussions.  I guess you could say, I've "O.D.-ed"  on Tiger.  I'm sorry everyone, but I just can't discuss or read any more about him for a while.  There may come a time later when I will find it easier to join-in the discussions on Tiger, but for now...... I'm DONE.  If the conversation comes-up on the Tee, I'll figure a way around it.  As for these CBS message boards, I will be noticeably absent. 

Heck....I've even joined the threads discussing the differences between OSU and UM [ that's right Prior ...its OSU, Not UOS ... dingbat ]; and the difference between the Browns and Steelers..... anything other than TW.  I'll probably join the debates between the Tigers and the Indians..... anything but where the Golf threads are currently headed, unless they're not TW related..... after all..... I still love Baseball and Golf.

Well, there you have it..!!  right out there in the open; and now I can't hide from it.  May we all enjoy the day, the weekend, and each other.

Till next time . . . Stay Well, and See You Somewhere, I Hope. . .
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