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Posted on: October 6, 2008 1:12 pm
Edited on: October 6, 2008 1:14 pm

North vs South

I've long been a golfer here in northern Ohio.   I've played on courses that ressembled links-type courses where the ball would roll forever during those long hot dry summers; and I've played on those same courses during the wet rainy summers and you couldn't buy a simple bounce.  Every year can be much different than the previous year.  The elements have always been known to control the game here in northern Ohio. 

Early spring time brings the flood of ambitious golfers forth from their warm and cozy homes to battle their nearest favorite golf course.  Hopefully, it's their easiest course, for these early combatants have to be brave to play on courses with snow mold still clinging to the grass.  There's nothing like playing a round of golf with knit hats and gloves, but it's just good to be out.  Cold early spring golf gives way to enjoyable summers and low scores, and that 19th hole for bragging right.  Warm summers then yield to cool autum rounds where we just don't want to let winter steal golf back from us.  The year just doesn't seem to be long enough.  This leads me to wonder which is better: to live inthe abbreviated season of the north, or to live in a more southern climate where the golf season may be enjoyed year round?

The northern climate gives us a break, where you have to quit the game for a few months each winter.  Sometimes this is a good thing; especially for the golfers who have developed some bad habits [ swinging too hard, outside-to-inside plane, too sharp of downswing, shanks, pushing putts, etc. ].  It's so easy to do.  Since we can't play inthe winter, all these bad habits also take a vacation; and every spring, we get to start fresh - leaving those bad habits far behind.

The warmer southern climate provides an opportunity to golf year round.  Do souther golfers have more problems in their golf swing than northern golfer?  I wonder how difficult it is to work through the bad habits that creep into a golfers game?  I'd like to know if that's something I could play through?  I winder if people in the south pay more for corrective lessons than people in the north? 

I may never know. . .

Till next time . . . Stay Well, and See You Somewhere, I Hope. . .


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