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If you're looking for the ultimate panacea answer, you won't find it.  If you're looking for an opinionated response, feel free to read-on .   From the responses I've read, the general concensus is .... spread the blame all around.  I somewhat agree with that, except the root of this problem is a little more than blame everyone. 

The root of this entire mess starts with the PARENTS .... the parents of each and every ballplayer that used performance enhancing drugs to get an edge over the other players that had enough parental influence to know the difference between right and wrong.  It was the PLAYERS not having solid parental guidance that chose the incorrect path.  If the players had better parents, they would not have chosen to CHEAT by takeing the drugs; and they would not have had to LIE about during and afterwards. Definitely, the PLAYERS ARE GUILTY of chosing their incorrect path based upon the guidance they received.

The same can be said about the players union for not correctly policing their own membership.  Could you say the player's union did the just and moral thing?  I DON'T THINK SO..!!   The parental guidance each any every player's union representative received is just as poor as the guidance each cheating player received.  Again, we have an integral part of baseball choosing to follow a path that is morally not sound; after all, the union CHOSE to ignore, or support those players they knew were CHEATING. 

Just because the players decided to cheat . . .  AND .... the union decided to ignore what was going on DOES NOT LET THE ADMINISTRATIVE BODY OF MLB OFF THE HOOK.. !!!!   I apply the same logic to MLB MANAGEMENT .. . . ...  Parental guidance is at the root of their decisions, also.   Where was their moral judgement process???  What made them turn their back on a problem like this....  GREED and not having strong parental guidance in their lifetime. 

Put yourself in a parents role..... would you be proud to say..."hey! That's my cheating son out there".  . . .  I don't think so.   You can't just sit back and quote " if your'e not cheatin, you're not tryin".....   that's a crock of crap..!!  You also can't just pull the "Adam & Eve thing" ... trying to blame it on someone else.   Each and every player in baseball now  . . .  and who was in baseball at the time this started  . . .   didn't have the balls to stand-up and shout from the roof-tops... that cheating was happening.  I really don't like Canseco, but at least he had the balls..!!!

Do I think the PLAYERS are to blame....  YES..!!   If they hadn't taken the junk in the first place, there wouldn't have ever been a problem of over-looking it either.


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