Posted on: July 27, 2009 12:25 pm

A View FromThe Bottom

Hi Folks,

Sunday morning I opened the Sports Section of the morning paper to discover Cleveland ACTUALLY still has a baseball team .  I thought they had folded; having all their players returning to their respective homes through-out the globe.  I was shocked to read they're still trying; very trying from what I read. 

I gave-up watching sometime back in May.  When I saw them exercising absolutely no patience at the plate; throwing the baseball behind runners or just throwing the ball around like a bunch of 10-year olds; and lastly watching so-called good pitching self-destructing... I just couldn't watch any more.  How do these guys keep their job?  There's nothing worse then watching professional baseball players trying to leg-out little "pee-pee" hits; not just any "pee-pee" hits but million dollar "pee-pee" hits.

Someone once told me a manager's job is to keep the faith; project an image that the manager supports his players so when it's time to negotiate contracts with new players/free agents; they see an organization that will support them if and when they have a slump.  I say that's CRAP!!  A manager's job is to put the BEST players out in the field on any given day .  If a manager feels a player isn't producing, and has no intention to produce, I say send that player to the minors for some atitude adjustment.!!  I'll send a signal to ALL players, it's produce or be embarrassed in the minors .  These should be the standards on this team and live with it.  If these guys expect to pull-down multi-million dollar contracts, then they'd better produce.  There's only one true baseball player on this team.... Grady Sizemore.   This is the one true player that plays for the LOVE OF THE GAME .  A true inspiration to watch.  It's a  shame the other can't follow his example.

As for Eric Wedge ..... why does he still have a job?   What's this crap about platooning an outfield?  Is this baseball or football?  How can he still get paid when he tries to convert a former catcher to a first baseman and then try to convert a converted-catcher to an outfielder?  Are you kidding me?  President OBAMA already used the term, but I'll use it here also.... "performed stupidly" . Is this guy, Wedge, for real??  He's had infielders playing out of position so many times, they don't even know what their true position is anymore.  I don't like the idea of throwing the manager under the bus, but the season's OVER.  What is Dolan waiting for?  How far down does the team have to be before Dolan makes a move?

To top it off, I read an article about discussing the possiblity of trading away more veterans, get this, for more "future prospects".  This takes the cake.  How many times are they going to trade away their good players ( the kind you would want to build a team around )  for "future prospects".  What a crock of %@$#.  Future prospects are just cheap position players that won't develop into good players for another 5-years, at least.  By that time, the fans "have left the building".!!  To top it all off, I hear talk about possibly trading the Pitching ACE.  Cleveland could be the only club to trade away back-to-back Cy Young Award winners in consecutive years..... No there's something to be proud about.

When I said this was "View From The Bottom ", I meant it.  I don't tihnk Cleveland can get any lower than this...unless we trade away last year's Cy Young Winner.   Now, that's the bottom.  For all you good cities having good baseball, remember how quickly a team can sink to the bottom.  Keep going to games before your owners begin sell-offs.   It aint pretty from down here!!


Till next time . . . Stay Well, and See You Somewhere, I Hope. . .


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