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Typical Browns Season

In case any of you have missed the last 20 years or so of Browns football (excluding the 3 years that they did not have a football team; although, some may argue that they haven't had a team for many more years than that), let me give you some handy-dandy step-by-step descriptions on how most Browns fans react.  By the way, this process is CMM Level-3 certified as it is a repeatable process.

#1 July/August - Browns fans excited. Claim they can make the playoffs and probably the Super Bowl.  They think their new draft picks will be "just what they need".   They are excited about a new coach.  They claim that they can sweep the Steelers in the upcoming season.

#2 September - Brownies usually win 2 or 3 in this time span.  One of the losses is to the Steelers.  Browns fans still think they have a more than legitimate shot at the playoffs and start looking at their schedule and saying things like " we should be able to take 3 of the next 4".  They say that they will beat the Steelers the next time they face them.

#3 October - Browns lose 3 of 4, and the fans say that the Browns suck and that the season is over.

#4 November - Browns win 2 or 3 more games and the fans are once again optimistic.  They lose to the Steelers again and say that they wish they can face them in the playoffs.

#5 December - Now this is the only fuzzy area. The Browns either fall flat on their face and don't make the playoffs or they actually win a couple to squeeze into the playoffs.

#6 January/playoffs  - guaranteed loss (since they NEVER make the Super Bowl).  If they face the Steelers, they lose (see #8 below). Usually every 3rd January, they fire a head coach and hire a guy that will be claimed as "the one" that will turn the franchise around.

#7 January/playoffs - the Brownie fans root against the Steelers because they know deep down that it's the only thing football-wise that can give them some happiness.

#8 January/February - Browns rallying cry . . . ....  "wait til next year!"

#9 April - Browns fans claim that they had a great draft.

#10 . . . . . Go to #1

Remember, when in doubt, just refer to this throughout the year!  But if I'm wrong, by all means, let me know that I'm wrong.  I'm hoping this can't last forever.

Till next time . . . Stay Well, and See You Somewhere, I Hope. . .


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